• CollabNet Enterprise Edition: Collaboration Tools

    Features / Benefits
    Asynchronous threaded discussions accessible by Web or email
    • Allow users to work on their own schedules, in their own time zones, and with their favorite Web browsers or email clients.
    • Attachments and MIME message formats allow other media types to be included with messages in the archive.

    Subscriptions and notifications
    • Create email notifications, daily summaries, and RSS feeds.
    • Automate subscriptions to reduce admin overhead.

    Build effective knowledge repositories with Wikis
    • Wiki pages are Web pages that use a concise, intuitive, and easy-to-remember markup language with all the capabilities necessary to generate the desired HTML.
    • Monitor project activity with the RecentChanges page.
    • Organize, refactor, and update wikis with tools like WantedPages, which generates a list of pages being linked to that don't exist yet, Abandoned Pages search, which turns up pages that have not been edited for a long time, and Orphan Pages search, which finds pages that no other page links to.

    Flexible, centralized document management
    • Supports MS Office documents, image files, and binary files.
    • Enables intuitive navigation through document folders.
    • Create a new document or upload/link to an existing one.
    • Indefinite or limited period file locking prevents other users from changing a document that is being edited and gives warnings for unlocked files that are being edited.

    Role-based access control and discussion moderation
    • Enable anonymous guest contributions for open forums.
    • Use moderated discussions to pre-screen messages.
    • Assign and manage moderators for each discussion.
    • Designate trusted users to post without moderation.
    • Assign roles to view, create, or edit project wikis.
    • Control who can edit specific wiki pages.

    Universal search
    • Use keywords or regular expressions to search across all discussions, documents, and wiki page titles, content, or attachments, limited by user roles and permissions.
    • Conduct a fast page title search by simply appending a search term to the end of the URL.
    • Embed functions like FullSearch(), TitleSearch(), and PageList() to create dynamic pages showing statistics, patterns, or other meta-information about wiki content.

    History and versioning
    • Maintain the thought evolution of projects and record critical reasons for decisions with discussion archives.
    • Documents and Wiki pages include complete history and support version control, allowing users to view revision diffs and undo changes if necessary.

    Ease of use
    • Get unified web-based access to all collaboration tools, with embedded help.
    • Preview changes to learn by trial and error.
    • Use editable wiki page templates that include predefined structure and content. A complete list of templates is offered as a starting point for page creation.
    • Automatic searches are performed during page creation to highlight any similar templates and pages that already exist, speeding creation and reducing duplication.

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