• The CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition

    CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition is a freely downloadable set of plugins that CollabNet provides for the Eclipse IDE. This desktop works with and is part of the CollabNet Platform.

    To download and install the latest functionality, follow the instructions in the next two sections:

    • Install CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition
    • Check for updates to CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition Features

    Once you complete the installation, you will be asked if you want to restart the Eclipse SDK. This is not required, but it is recommended.

    Install CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition

    To install the new CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition, follow these steps:

    1. From the Eclipse Help menu, select Install New Software.

    2. In the Available Software window, click Add...

      In the Add Repository dialog box:

    3. Type a name into the Name text box.
    4. If the software site is located on the web, type the Web Site location (URL) of the site into the Location text box. You may also paste or drag and drop a URL from a web browser into this text box.

      You may copy one of the following into the URL field:

      • Eclipse 4.2+ use this URL: 

      Note: You can also use the development builds with most recent features and fixes. https://ctf.open.collab.net/sf/wiki/do/viewPage/projects.desktop/wiki/EclipseInstall

    5. If you want to download the software update site to your local file system and install the same, download the version of the CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition you want to install:

      • CollabNet Desktop 5.0 – Eclipse Edition 
        for Eclipse 4.2 and later

        Size: 32.61 MB 
        MD5sum: 1d2903adf1388413d2ddb8e2eafd7a48
      • If the software site is in your local file system (including a CD), click Local... to specify the directory location of the site.
      • If the software site is in your local file system but is packaged as a jar or zip file, click Archive... to specify the name of the file.
      • In the Select Local Site Archive window, navigate to the location where you saved the CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition and select Open.

      • Then Select Local Site Archive window

      • Click OK

    6. Select CollabNet Desktop and click Next.

    7. Review the Install details.

    8. Review the license terms on the Feature License screen. If you agree to these terms, select "I accept the terms in the license agreements" and click FINISH to start the installation.

      Note: You can have multiple instances of Eclipse on your machine, running different feature configurations.

    9. The software installation starts.

      Note: If you see a warning in the Verification window about installing an unsigned feature, you can ignore it. The CollabNet features are not signed.

    10. When the installation is complete, click Yes to restart Eclipse.

    Check for updates to CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition Features

    To check for updates to CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition, follow these steps:/p>

    1. From the Eclipse Help menu, select Check for Updates. Updates, if available, are shown in the Available Updates window.

    2. Select CollabNet Desktop and click Finish.

      Note: When you check for updates, Eclipse checks if any updates are available for all the software you have including CollabNet Desktop. As a result, the time taken to check for updates may be longer depending on the number of software you may have. If you just want to install/update CollabNet Desktop, it is recommended to use the installation steps as discussed earlier in this page.
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