• Help!

    Before reading on, here is the most important command you'll ever need when using Subversion: svn help. The Subversion command-line client is self-documenting–at any time, a quick svn help SUBCOMMAND will describe the syntax, options, and behavior of the subcommand.

    $ svn help import
    import: Commit an unversioned file or tree into the repository.
    usage: import [PATH] URL
      Recursively commit a copy of PATH to URL.
      If PATH is omitted '.' is assumed.
      Parent directories are created as necessary in the repository.
      If PATH is a directory, the contents of the directory are added
      directly under URL.
    Valid options:
      -q [--quiet]             : print as little as possible
      -N [--non-recursive]     : operate on single directory only

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