• Name

    svnsync synchronize – Transfer all pending revisions from the source repository to the mirror repository.


    svnsync synchronize DEST_URL


    The svnsync synchronize command does all the heavy lifting of a repository mirroring operation. After consulting with the mirror repository to see which revisions have already been copied into it, it then begins copying any not-yet-mirrored revisions from the source repository.

    svnsync synchronize can be gracefully cancelled and restarted.

    Alternate Names



    --username NAME
    --password PASS
    --config-dir DIR


    Copy unsynchronized revisions from the source repository to the mirror repository:

    $ svnsync synchronize file:///opt/svn/repos-mirror
    Committed revision 1.
    Copied properties for revision 1.
    Committed revision 2.
    Copied properties for revision 2.
    Committed revision 3.
    Copied properties for revision 3.
    Committed revision 45.
    Copied properties for revision 45.
    Committed revision 46.
    Copied properties for revision 46.
    Committed revision 47.
    Copied properties for revision 47.

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