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    svnlook tree – Print the tree.


    svnlook tree REPOS_PATH [PATH_IN_REPOS]


    Print the tree, starting at PATH_IN_REPOS (if supplied, at the root of the tree otherwise), optionally showing node revision IDs.


    --revision (-r) REV
    --transaction (-t)


    This shows the tree output (with node-IDs) for revision 40 in our sample repository:

    $ svnlook tree -r 40 /usr/local/svn/repos --show-ids
    / <0.0.2j>
     trunk/ <p.0.2j>
      vendors/ <q.0.2j>
       deli/ <1g.0.2j>
        egg.txt <1i.e.2j>
        soda.txt <1k.0.2j>
        sandwich.txt <1j.0.2j>

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