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    svnadmin setlog – Set the log-message on a revision.


    svnadmin setlog REPOS_PATH -r REVISION FILE


    Set the log-message on revision REVISION to the contents of FILE.

    This is similar to using svn propset --revprop to set the svn:log property on a revision, except that you can also use the option --bypass-hooks to avoid running any pre- or post-commit hooks, which is useful if the modification of revision properties has not been enabled in the pre-revprop-change hook.


    Revision properties are not under version control, so this command will permanently overwrite the previous log message.


    --revision (-r) REV


    Set the log message for revision 19 to the contents of the file msg:

    $ svnadmin setlog /usr/local/svn/repos/ -r 19 msg

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