• Name

    svn move – Move a file or directory.


    svn move SRC DST


    This command moves a file or directory in your working copy or in the repository.


    This command is equivalent to an svn copy followed by svn delete.


    Subversion does not support moving between working copies and URLs. In addition, you can only move files within a single repository–Subversion does not support cross-repository moving.

    WC -> WC

    Move and schedule a file or directory for addition (with history).

    URL -> URL

    Complete server-side rename.

    Alternate Names

    mv, rename, ren


    Working copy, repository if operating on a URL

    Accesses Repository

    Only if operating on a URL


    --message (-m) TEXT
    --file (-F) FILE
    --revision (-r) REV (Deprecated)
    --quiet (-q)
    --username USER
    --password PASS
    --editor-cmd EDITOR
    --encoding ENC
    --config-dir DIR


    Move a file in your working copy:

    $ svn move foo.c bar.c
    A         bar.c
    D         foo.c

    Move a file in the repository (an immediate commit, so it requires a commit message):

    $ svn move -m "Move a file" http://svn.red-bean.com/repos/foo.c \
    Committed revision 27.

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