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    svn mkdir – Create a new directory under version control.


    svn mkdir PATH…
    svn mkdir URL…


    Create a directory with a name given by the final component of the PATH or URL. A directory specified by a working copy PATH is scheduled for addition in the working copy. A directory specified by a URL is created in the repository via an immediate commit. Multiple directory URLs are committed atomically. In both cases all the intermediate directories must already exist.

    Alternate Names



    Working copy, repository if operating on a URL

    Accesses Repository

    Only if operating on a URL


    --message (-m) TEXT
    --file (-F) FILE
    --quiet (-q)
    --username USER
    --password PASS
    --editor-cmd EDITOR
    --encoding ENC
    --config-dir DIR


    Create a directory in your working copy:

    $ svn mkdir newdir
    A         newdir

    Create one in the repository (instant commit, so a log message is required):

    $ svn mkdir -m "Making a new dir." http://svn.red-bean.com/repos/newdir
    Committed revision 26.

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