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    svn import – Commit an unversioned file or tree into the repository.


    svn import [PATH] URL


    Recursively commit a copy of PATH to URL. If PATH is omitted “.” is assumed. Parent directories are created in the repository as necessary.

    Alternate Names




    Accesses Repository



    --message (-m) TEXT
    --file (-F) FILE
    --quiet (-q)
    --non-recursive (-N)
    --username USER
    --password PASS
    --editor-cmd EDITOR
    --encoding ENC
    --config-dir DIR


    This imports the local directory myproj into trunk/misc in your repository. The directory trunk/misc need not exist before you import into it–svn import will recursively create directories for you.

    $ svn import -m "New import" myproj http://svn.red-bean.com/repos/trunk/misc
    Adding         myproj/sample.txt
    Transmitting file data ………
    Committed revision 16.

    Be aware that this will not create a directory named myproj in the repository. If that's what you want, simply add myproj to the end of the URL:

    $ svn import -m "New import" myproj http://svn.red-bean.com/repos/trunk/misc/myproj
    Adding         myproj/sample.txt
    Transmitting file data ………
    Committed revision 16.

    After importing data, note that the original tree is not under version control. To start working, you still need to svn checkout a fresh working copy of the tree.

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