• Name

    pre-revprop-change – Notification of a revision property change attempt.


    The pre-revprop-change hook is run immediately prior to the modification of a revision property when performed outside the scope of a normal commit. Unlike the other hooks, the default state of this one is to deny the proposed action. The hook must actually exist and return a zero exit value before a revision property modification can happen.

    If the pre-revprop-change hook doesn't exist, isn't executable, or returns a non-zero exit value, no change to the property will be made, and anything printed to stderr is marshalled back to the client.

    Input Parameter(s)

    The command-line arguments passed to the hook program, in order, are:

    1. repository path

    2. revision whose property is about to be modified

    3. authenticated username attempting the propchange

    4. name of the property changed

    5. change description: A (added), D (deleted), or M (modified)

    Additionally, Subversion passes to the hook program via standard input the proposed value of the property.

    Common Uses

    access control, change validation and control

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