• Download and Install the CollabNet Merge Clients for Eclipse

    CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition

    Merge Client and Change Set Merge Extension



    • Eclipse 3.2/Eclipse 3.3
    • For the Change Set Merge: CollabNet Enterprise Edition
    • JVM 1.5 or greater
    • Linux users must install the client RPM
    • Subversion JavaHL binaries from Subversion 1.5

    Note: The installation includes the appropriate JavaHL binaries for Windows and Linux.

    What's Included:

    • CollabNet Desktop 1.3.x
    • Mylyn 2.x
    • Subclipse 1.4.x
    • CollabNet Subversion Merge client
    • CollabNet Subversion Change Set extension (for CollabNet Enterprise Edition)
    • Subversion JavaHL binaries for Windows and Linux

    Installation Process:

    The merge client is installed from an Eclipse update site. Here are the URL's for the update site. Note that these URL's need to be entered into Eclipse Install/Update manager, not a web browser.

    Eclipse 3.2: http://downloads.open.collab.net/eclipse/dev-builds/e3.2
    Eclipse 3.3: http://downloads.open.collab.net/eclipse/dev-builds/e3.3
    Eclipse 3.4: http://downloads.open.collab.net/eclipse/dev-builds/e3.4

    For an overview of the installation process, you can view the instructions for the CollabNet Desktop. Just note that you will be using the above URL in place of the URL in the instructions for the CollabNet Desktop.

    Subversion Server and Repository:

    The merge client will work against any 1.0+ version of Subversion server. However, in order to fully test all of the merge tracking features both the client and server have to be running Subversion 1.5. You can download the server binaries from openCollabNet site. In addition, the merge tracking feature also requires that your repository contains merge tracking information. This will be created over time when using a Subversion 1.5 client, but for an existing repository it will not be present. You can download a sample repository from this site to use as a starting point in trying this feature. You can also use your own repositories, you just need to take the time to create branches and sample changes after updating the client and server to 1.5 so that the merge information is created.

    Learn More

    Click here to read an overview of the CollabNet Merge client.