• Getting Started with the openCollabNet Community

    The goal of the OCN community is to encourage innovation and development around the TeamForge and Subversion platforms, as well as to provide free workspace for software projects related to these platforms.

    Mutual Respect

    Online communities rely on a system of mutual respect, or else the "community vibe" breaks down and forces the management to intervene. Please note that members who exhibit abusive, derogatory, condescending or otherwise negative behavior can have their membership revoked. We will not tolerate Community Members who are not respectful of others.

    Intellectual Property Law

    We do not condone the posting of content that violates copyright law. We insist that you not post it. If others notify us of the existence of copyright-infringing material on this site, we will comply with the law.

    Account Termination

    For any reason, but in particular if these Guidelines are violated, we can terminate your Membership at any time, with or without stating the reasons for doing so.

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