• Getting Started with the openCollabNet Community

    The goal of the OCN community is to encourage innovation and development around the TeamForge and Subversion platforms, as well as to provide free workspace for software projects related to these platforms.

    You can request your own Subversion or TeamForge project on openCollabNet. CollabNet is converging CollabNet Enterprise Edition (CEE) and CollabNet SourceForge Enterprise (now CollabNet TeamForge) into one new platform, combining the best of both worlds. Eventually we will migrate all projects to the new platform.

    To join a project or create your own, you must be an OCN member and logged into the site.

    Join a Project

    Collaborate with other developers by joining a project.

    Join an OCN project:

    • Log in to OCN
    • Click a project name on the Community Project page
    • Click the Request membership/role for that project.
      The project owner will contact you regarding your request.

    Create a Project

    Create a project, such as an integration or CollabNet add-on, that other developers can join and collaborate on.

    Your OCN project must meet the following criteria:

    • Your project is related to the CollabNet TeamForge, CollabNet Lab Management, or CollabNet Subversion platform.
    • Your project does not directly compete with core functionality of any CollabNet product.
    • Your project adds value to Collabnet customers.
    • The primary result of the project is downloadable software.

    Create a new OCN project:

    Those who are granted a project on OCN may choose from the following licenses: GNU GPL (v2 and v3), GNU LGPL, Affero GPL, Apache 2.0, and EPL.

    Contributing Code to a CollabNet Project

    Contributor Agreement - read this if interested in contributing code to the supported CollabNet products (does not apply to those who simply wish to contribute integrations or documentation or start their own projects on OCN).

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